The Smooth Leather Apron

- The Leather Cooking Apron-

Share memorable moments with friends and family like never before with this one of a kind apron!

Meet the world’s only extremely light and soft leather apron that can easily withstand water, fire and "wear and tear", every single day, without ever losing it’s cool breathability and soft texture.

Its high quality, artisanal leather can also be customized with your own name or company logo. Whether you're a chef, a grill master or barrista in the making, the Smooth Leather Apron is the right apron for you.

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100% Luxurious

Be a tasteful and stylish host! Our apron is made from the same delicate leather used by renowned luxury brands to craft their own unique products.


Fit for heavy duty

No wear and tear! This incredibly durable apron has been crafted to take a lifetime of abuse while always remaining fully functional and completely soft.


Extreme Comfort

Our apron is the lightest and thinnest leather apron there is. It's also really supple, taking comfort to a new level of amazing. Stay safe and free from chest to knee!


Always in control

This one-size apron fits your body perfectly every single time. Its unique handkerchief holder and sleek chest pocket will help you always stay in control.

Now that tough and thin have become one
you can feel free to focus on your task

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Are you a cooking enthusiast?

If so, then you probably don’t want a flimsy clothing apron that wears out, tears or burns after a few uses. You could use a sturdy leather apron instead, but watch out! All the high quality leather aprons on the market are quite thick and heavy (except ours of course, please feel free to do your own research).

Stay cool and relaxed!

The Smooth Leather Apron was crafted to be extremely tough and durable while also being up to 7 times lighter than other leather aprons. It's cool breathability and supple feel will always keep you fresh while its natural vintage finish will take on water, fire and "wear and tear" with ease.


A tradition of perfection

Waterproof Leather

Adjustable Neck Strap

The Vintage Zammak Buckle

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Every cut, every seam and every smooth edge is done the right way, to ensure you're only getting the best apron possible


Our apron is made from uniquely shaped pieces of waterproof leather bound together using ultra-strong, manually sewn nylon threads.

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The adjustable neck strap lets you tighten up your apron or let it hang loose on your chest, whenever you like and in a matter of seconds.


Zammak alloys aluminium, magnesium and copper with a base of 99.99% pure zinc, making for a stronger, stainless metal.

To create and share unique moments
you need the right tools!

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You will find no other apron
quite like the Smooth Leather Apron

  • Accesible Luxury
    Unlike most high quality, natural leather aprons on the market, you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars for this one.
  • Sleek and practical
    The world’s only extremely light and soft leather apron that can easily withstand oil, fire and "wear and tear", every single day.
  • A distinguished apron with its own history
    With the passage of time, your apron will acquire its own patina, hallmark of an authentic, high-quality 100% natural leather product.
  • One Size Fits all!
    You can be 5'1, 6'5 or any size in between, it doesn't matter the Smooth Leather Apron has you covered (literally)!

Order today and you will get...

You will receive your Smooth Leather Apron nicely rolled inside its own unique pouch -made from locally grown, natural jute- within one week. It's sent by FedEx's priority mail one working day after you order it (or two if you ask for customization during checkout).

If for whatever reason you don't like your apron, you can ask for a refund as detailed in our Refund Policy

Client testimonials

What do our clients have to say about their Smooth Leather Apron?

"Alvaro – I just received my two aprons today and I am very impressed with the quality and attention to detail. Thank you so much for the incredible workmanship. Please extend my sincere thanks to the people that worked on the aprons. Dios les bendiga [God bless you]"

Mark A.

"This apron’s amazing. When you see it and you touch ityou can tell it’s really high quality craftsmanship. It’s so soft and comfortable, it's from another age! It’s really incredible!"

Sasquatch BBQ

"The apron arrived today. It is very nice and was worth the wait. Thank you!"

Andrew S.

"I'm really excited about this apron.  It's a present for my beautiful son: He has Aspergers Syndrome (autism); but he's a wonderful guitarist and is now training to be a luthier.

So, I'm hoping that his apron will be with him for a lifetime of making beautiful guitars."

Felicity B.

"Am satisfied with the 3 aprons that were sent"

James B.

"the apron looks great. I now want one for my other son. Thank you FOR putting the full “Chef Mike”on the first order. Please have great holiday and a very Merry Christmas"

Christopher S.

Incredible & memorable cooking days await you!

Order today and you will receive your Smooth Leather Apron nicely rolled inside its own unique pouch -made from locally grown, natural jute- within one week. You will get:

  • A luxurious leather apron at a reasonable price
    We only use the best 100% natural calf leather to create this elegant apron, and it's now available for a down-to-earth price that is realistic and affordable.
  • Sleek and practical
    This elegant apron comes complete with it's own chest pocket and a unique handkerchief holder. You don't even have to look before you grab it, saving you time and energy!
  • A lifetime of protection!
    This water resistant leather apron is so incredibly tough that it'll remain fully functional, no matter how many years of wear and tear you’ll put it through.
  • Stay safe and free from chest to knee!
    The Smooth Leather Apron feels so stunningly supple, light and thin, that you’ll hardly even know you’re wearing it! This way you can focus on what you do best!
  • One Size Fits All
    This adjustable apron naturally adapts and contours your own unique body shape with ease. It doesn't matter whether you're a size 2XS or a 4XL... or any size in between!