About Zagazzi

- Passion for Leather -
Respect & Tradition
For more than 25 years, every garment made at Zagazzi has been handmade by hard-working mothers and daughters who have refined the craft of leatherworking from one generation to another, while keeping family values and traditions alive and well. Nowadays we manufacture different types of high quality  leatherwear and accessories which are distributed to international resellers and through our website.

Recycling &avoiding wastage

We also are as mindful of our environment as is possible. Leatherworking spoils tons of pure water with oils and minerals. However, all the water used during our manufacturing process is thoroughly cleaned. This way it can become fully safe, drinkable water that is never wasted. Used chemicals are recycled too so that they can be used as fertilizer to help grow plentiful crops.
While leatherworking usually spends one very large piece of leather for one single product, ditching all the medium and small-szed bits, we sew our products from small pieces, dramatically reducing wastefulness from the leather cutting and folding that happens with big pieces. Nearly no leather goes to waste.

Our Warranty

Every purchase comes with a one-year limited warranty when the item is used for their intended purpose, and under normal conditions.

DEFECTS: If you receive an item from us that has some sort of manufacturing defect, simply take a picture of the defect and email it to us. Once we confirm the issue, a new item will be shipped out to you for free.

INTENDED USES: The Smooth Leather Apron is not intended to be uses for purposes that include heavy industrial use, metal casting or blacksmithing. Exposing the apron to fire or flames can also cause injury due to increased bodily heat exposure even if the apron itself is not damaged.

AGES WELL: It’s important to note that fading colors due to chemical or sun exposure is not considered a material or manufacturing defect. Indeed, as time passes and the apron is used more often, it will develop its own patina, proof that it’s an authentic, high-quality premium leather product

Our Refund Policy

Please note that the returned item must be unused and in the original condition it came shipped to you in order to be granted a full refund.

Please note that the returned item must be unused and in the original condition it came shipped to you in order to be granted a full refund.

Please keep in mind that when receiving a refund, stocking fees are waived. However, return transportation, import duties and other collection fees will be the customer’s responsibility. Here’s how to return your unused item for a refund:
  • Step #1: Email info@zagazzi.com with the subject line: REFUND and be sure to include your proof of purchase information.
  • Step #2: Once we receive your information, we will immediately confirm the full return address. Then package and ship your returned item to us at the return address closest to you.
  • Step #3: Once we receive the item we will process your refund right away. Please note that for international orders, it can take 3-5 full business days for the refund to appear on your statement.

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